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When I was a kid, my parents took me and my siblings fishing at this lake or that. Nothing big. Just fishing with a cheap rod from somewhere off a rickety dock or shore. I wasn’t much for it, but I helped clean the little fish, and it was a good experience, I guess! When I was in Alaska more recently, my son told me that I should go fishing. “Everyone goes to Alaska to fish”, he said. (I went there to take pictures) So, I did. And I caught a bunch of fish. I also brought my camera! On the way back after a day on the ocean, the “deck technician” cleaned our fish and threw the unwanted pieces off the back of the boat. There were extraordinarily healthy seagulls that could fly at the speed of light and swoop down to grab the pieces of flesh before their cohorts could swoop in before them. The competition at the back of the ship was mesmerizing, and I was entirely entertained. I grabbed my camera out of the hull and watched and clicked. I never know what I capture until I load my pictures onto my computer and take a good look. So, it’s like unwrapping gifts at my birthday party when I get to see what I caught. These two seagulls were flying right next to each other and the picture, to me, tells a story of camaraderie. I’m not sure if I’m more excited to take pictures again of the seagulls, or go fishing! I’ll hopefully do both again.

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