Mount Hood Neowise


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One of the great gatherings of photographers occurred in 2020 when the comet, Neowise, made its appearance in the world’s night skies. It was discovered March 27, 2020 and observers in the Northern Hemisphere were hoping to catch a glimpse of Comet NEOWISE as it zipped through the inner solar system and before it sped away into the depths of space. Everywhere, fellow enthusiasts were aiming their lenses or their telescopes and attempting to find the focus on this small cluster of particles. I went out every night for two weeks, with friends and without, until Neowise was just too small to see. This picture was taken from up near Mount Hood, Oregon. My friend and I walked down from where we parked, stumbling over rocks and trying to only use our headlamps as needed. (messing up another photographer’s picture is not popular) We decided on a narrow part of the White River.

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