Mono Lake Milky Way

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The anticipation of night time and what it might bring feels like Christmas Morning to me. Everytime. It’s a gift that Mother Nature personally delivers and it’s always different. Wandering around Mono Lake during the later part of the day and scouting out where I might like to photograph the Milky Way builds my anticipation because the daytime is just not like the night. The silence after dark let’s in nature’s noises. I can hear the wind and every little critter that snaps a branch or scuttles over a loose rock. The moon either lights things around me or it’s so small that I just wait for it to pass from the sky. Planning ahead for moon phases and sets and sunsets and much more helps me find my way to the right place to shoot. These days, there’s always other photographers around and most tiptoe around each other and hope to keep our headlamps out of each other’s pictures! I was just about laying on the ground with my tripod legs unlocked so that I could shoot up the side of the tufas and into the sky. Every perspective is different and every lens records a different story. I hope you enjoy this one!

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