Cool Bandon Sunset

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Each setting sun is fleeting. And every second that the sun descends looks different than the second before. Colors change, and something that was lit up a moment before might turn to silhouette. The blue hour occurs when the sun is far enough below the horizon so that the sunlight’s blue wavelengths dominate. The quality of light makes or breaks a shot. Photographers “chase the light” and we spend a lot of time waiting for “it” to happen! Patience is a virtue when holding out for the right moment and the right picture. I find myself holding my breath and then letting it all out in such huge appreciation for Mother Earth. This evening at Bandon, Oregon was not particularly difficult to shoot. The beach is long and wide. There was not the smoke from fires that we see all too often these years. The clouds and light were basically perfect, and all I had to do was determine where I wanted to shoot from. I moved around a lot this evening. In the reflection in this image, it looks to me as if there are stars shooting and trailing toward me, beckoning me to reach down and pick them up. The famous sea stack called “barking dog” is serenading the sun into the sea.

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