Cannon Beach Milky Way


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2021 was not a smooth year for me, but we all have them! The Milky Way “season” goes from around May until late October. But, for me, there was not going to be any Milky Way shots until September. I truly didn’t think I’d get out for any at the coast, and I was sorta ok with that. Then, spur of the moment, I asked Alexa, “what’s the weather at Cannon Beach”. And “when is high tide”. Basically, it seemed reasonable to try. I just threw my gear and my waders in a bag and jumped in my Sprinter Van. I figured, if nothing else, it’d be great to go for a saunter on the beach. Upon arriving, I realized that I was going to come away with more than that saunter, and I loaded my mirrorless onto my tripod and headed to the water. This time, the tide was high enough that my best shot would be with Haystack Rock in the foreground. I couldn’t get in too deep in the water to have the Milky Way right over the rock, but i kinda liked it off to the side anyway. So there you have it! This is the iconic Haystack Rock with the Milky Way in all its glory!

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