Bristolcone Pine Forest


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The Bristolcone Pine forest near Bishop, California sits at about 11,000 feet altitude and even in June, the temperature is around 30 degrees F. at night. So with precautions for adapting to the high altitude and the cold night air, me and a few friends stood on a slope with our tripods precariously placed and our boots wedged into the side of the hill and waited for the Milky Way to appear behind this 6500 year old tree. We had to wait for the moon to set! And when it did, the stars and the core of the Milky Way popped out of the dark blue sky. There is a sense of awe and peace when walking the trails that weave through the groves of old and young Bristlecones. It is located high in the White Mountains. These trees are about 2,000 years older than the nearby Giant Sequoia, which are the world’s tallest trees. No other non-clonal species has living individuals that have seen more time on this earth.

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