Bandon Citrus Sunset

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A lot of effort can go into planning and getting to a coveted location with the hopes of great colors and conditions to make a beautiful picture. As a dear friend has said, many times, “You gotta go to know”. And this is mostly true, but also, “chance favors those prepared”. Then, there’s just luck. So, a little combination of all that, when heading out to shoot a sunset like this makes my level of anticipation soar. This evening in Bandon, Oregon, turned out to be one of those times when the sky exploded and the colors made my head spin, while everything seemed to come together. Once I find a place to set up my tripod and my camera, I become mesmerized by the waves coming in and out. I click the slow shutter over and over, and every picture is different from the others. There’s things that just work out better, like one shutter speed vs another, and clicking when the waves are heading away from me rather than toward me. It makes for very different outcomes, and I have my preferences. I like to stand in the water which means I like to wear waders, and I’m just not sure that’s my best fashion statement. But it works! I got tired of pouring the water out of my boots after every wave! At a place like Bandon, everyone has to be acutely aware of driftwood logs in the water and the rising tide. There’s much more to think about than just taking a picture. I always try to get friends to meet up with me! Extra eyes! This sunset streamed out its magical colors in June of 2019.

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