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Sea Scape

I feel an expansion of my soul with my first glimpse of the ocean on any day.  Being able to stand knee deep in the ocean while the sun sets or rises is a privilege I do not take lightly.  I try to pass this feeling along in my photographs.

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Just the word "pets" causes me to sigh.  I think my pulse softens and my brainwaves calm.  I have this feeling of pure presence when I connect with pets.  I have to say, I laugh a lot too.

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There is nothing that compares with the quiet solitude and magnificance of the night sky when it opens up its' colorful miracles for all to see.

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Courage, strength, competency, imagination, perserverence ~ These are all words that describe the people who take on challenges and accomplish goals most can only dream of.  I love to click my shutter as fast as I can, in an attempt to freeze a moment of theirs in time.

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Abstract and Texture

What you see is not always what meets the eye.  I love playing with nature and mixing things up.

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I love peoples souls and capturing human energy.  That is what I am photographing.

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It is the look in their eye that gets me every time.  What ever are they thinking?  I am always grateful for the moments when animals allow me entry into their soul.

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You have to be there to see it.  Or as a friend once told me, "you have to go to know".  The time I spend feasting on the landscape of the world is intensely fulfilling to me.  I love to capture it and share it with you.

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Things look different up close.  The end.

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Event and Workplace

The trust and intimacy that is given me when I am invited to capture special one time events for a client is humbling.  My gratitude is endless.

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Commercial Photography

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